Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Fun: Picnic

Do you remember those gingham table clothes? You know, the red and white checked ones that have the little flowers on them?

Yeah, those. Those are practically my grandma's trademark during the summer. She's got four or five plastic ones that have a fake weave pattern printed on them. We can't eat outside without them. Breaking out the tablecloth and the grill is like the official start of summer.

Summer might already be here, but this week I'm on vacation. My first, real, grown-up, paid vacation from work. You know, where they give me MONEY to NOT go to work! It's insane. And awesome, even if my shoestring will only stretch so far as the couch (and possibly Sally's, since they're having a sale this week).

Break out the ice cream and the watermelon (just make sure you use a table cloth and a coaster for that lemonade!) and let the vacation commence!

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  1. Cute pedi!
    Wish I've had such a big toe nails...