Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Review: Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I picked up this from Target?

$5.99 for .6 oz/17 g, Target.

I've mentioned before that I adore the smell. I want to take a bite out of it. Probably not wise, but looking at the ingredient list it probably won't kill you, and is unlikely to even make you sick. It is certified 100% Natural, and not tested on animals.
The back of the tin, so you can see the ingredients.

The base of the product is beeswax, so it has a bit of a waxy texture, and feels a bit greasy when you put it on, but no more so than some lotions and once it gets rubbed in it doesn't last for too long.

I started out using this on my cuticles, and have noticed a steady improvement in them (I should have taken a pictures of my right hand at the start of this so you could see how bad they were. They had actually cracked and separated themselves from the nail bed. It was bad. When they started bleeding, I figured something ought to be done). However, I've been using it in concert with the cuticle pen (see my stash page for more info), so I wasn't ready to attribute full success to the cream.

Then Monday night I was doing the prepwork for what would eventually become Wednesday's manicure and Friday's pedicure, and thought, "Hey, why don't I try this on my feet?"

I have what might be the driest skin on the planet. Eight glasses of water has little to no effect on it. I use lotion and moisturizer twice a day and my hands still look like the bottom of Death Valley. I have actually cut myself on the callous on my feet because they are so dry and hard.

So I took the Lemon Butter and rubbed it on my heels, the inside of the ball of my foot, and the side of my big toe, where the hardest, scratchiest, ugliest callouses were.

I won't say that they were gone. But within 24 hours, it was like I had new feet. The callouses felt smaller. They're softer. They're still pretty dry, but they aren't nearly as rough.

1 application.

24 hours.

Color me impressed.

I know that Burt's Bees does make a similar cream intended for feet, and after this I might look into it...but only after I've used up my Lemon Butter.

Verdict: Gimme more!

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