Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Fun: Beach

I love layering polishes. It's such an easy way to create an effect, or expand your pallette.

I really had no idea what to do for this theme. At first I though I'd do nail art. But I didn't know what image/pattern to do, and I only have one brown, and it's not the right brown for a beach.

So I went a little further and thought, "Ocean." I love the ocean, and I love blue polish. A water marble, perhaps?

My forays into watermarble have not really been what I would call successful, however. They turn out okay...but not great. More practice is needed.

I did one marbled accent for this manicure, and layering for the rest. For the marble, I put down a base of Brash "Green Machine" (1 coat) and for the marble I used Maybelline Color Show "Porcelain Party," Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Blue By," Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Calypso Blue," and China Glaze "Dorothy Who?"

On my thumb and pinky, I used a base of "Blue By;" for the ring finger I put down 1 coat of "Green Machine", and on my middle finger I used a single coat of Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup "Aquamarine Chrome" (for those wondering, I added a few drops of nail polish remover to that one, which solved the thick/dry issue completely. It is now the fabulous one-coat polish I remember from high school once more).

On top of each of those, I did one coat of "Calypso Blue."

I love the way the layers came out. Each base brings out something different in the shimmer of Calypso, which is one of my favorite polishes. I LOVE blue nail polish--it is second only to my love of foils.

I know I've been kind of blah this week on the nail art front, but bear with me because I do have something special planned for Fav. Summer memory on Tuesday.

Speaking of which, what is your favorite white nail polish? I need something that's going to be opaque; I'm thinking I might have to resort to acrylic paint, if I have any left from my art school days. Is there such a thing as a good, opaque white?


  1. Amazing marble, it really looks like great big wave...or even a pipeline <3
    Good job!!

  2. I use the same white I have had for probably 20 years for nail art. Doesn't even have a label anymore. This was great.

  3. I love how you water marble turned out. Specially because this is not very easy nail tehnicque. ;)

    1. Thanks. You notice I only did it on one nail! I think it actually looks a bit better in the photo than in real life; you can't see some of the flaws!

  4. I like how your water marble came out in a wave shape. Did you try to get that effect? Either way, I love it and the colors are great together. Also, I use a cheap-o polish from Walmart called Pure Ice (Super Star!). If you want a nice opaque base, you have one in two thin coats. I have also used it for dotting and line work and it usually comes out pretty opaque for that too.

    1. I wasn't trying for it, it just kind of happened.

      I love Pure Ice--they make my favorite red and black polishes. I'm kind of sad though, because our walmart has only been carrying their pastel colors lately. None of my bright, shiny favorites.