Saturday, July 28, 2012

Geek Nail Challenge

I just wanted to remind everyone about the Geek Nail Challenge:

Week 1: Comics and Animation
My Little Pony? Naruto? Batman? What tickles your geeky bone?

Week 2: Television and Movies
From the Lord of the Rings to Big Bang Theory, celebrate the nerdy side of Hollywood.

Week 3: Games and Gaming
It doesn't matter if you prefer Alice or D&D, or if Trivial Pursuit is more your speed. It's all about having fun!

Week 4: Ultimate Geek
We all have things we love--books, movies, games--but what is it that makes you a geek? Are you a math nerd? A science geek? Or are you just a fan of other geeks? (P.S. Nail polish is chemistry. Chemistry is science. It totally counts for geekdom!)

Since each week has a theme, you can post one manicure on Monday (or Friday, or whenever is convenient) or, if you're like me and having trouble choosing just one thing, you can post seven manicures (one every day!) if that floats your boat.

If you would like to sign up, please leave a comment here with a way that I can contact you!


  1. Oh, I forgot to leave contact info when I commented on the other post - I'm not sure if it shows up but my email is


  2. I am definitely interested in this challenge :) Please email me at

  3. I love this, says the super geek, sign me up:-)! the link to comment didn't open for me :-( email me @

  4. This would be my first try at a challenge. Why not please contact me at jgralak (at) aol dot com

  5. Sorry! It's

  6. Would it be too late to join? If not, my email is

  7. This sounds really fun :) my email is