Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspiration Shots

Wow, this post is so out of date. I've just had so much other stuff to talk about! But I still wanted to share with you some of the awesome stuff I've seen around the internet in the last few weeks:

Awesome underwater manicure from Chalkboard Nails.

Peace, Love, and Polish has two manis that I'm absolutely loving--this patriotic themed manicure, and a tropical one!

This black and white mani by Kayla Shevonne is just stunning.

Over on Deviantart, there's another tropical manicure I adore, and these beach scenes are so detailed.

Devart has just been tickling my geeky bone lately, what with this Fururama mani, Wolverine, and Superhero manicure. And then there's this sweet little Mary Poppins inspired one, and Gir!
There's even one inspired by Jack Sparrow!

This Alice in Wonderland manicure is one of the more visually complex designs I've seen lately, and I love the water color look of this one.

As a travel addict, I want to copy this map-based nail art so bad!

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