Friday, July 20, 2012

Lust Objects

Mash Nails Dried Flowers
I love what ChitChatNails did with her new set of Mash Nails dried flowers. So pretty! And the price isn't bad either, considering the amount of pieces you get and the convenient, sturdy looking packaging.

My local Marshalls just started carrying Essie, and at $3.99 a bottle, I really had to pick up at least a few. I think these are from past collections (well, it is Marshalls. It's unlikely anything brand new would show up), and it was mostly neutrals and pastels. I did find a couple of nice bold colors to bring home, though, which makes them my first real Essie polishes (I do have Set in Stones, but it's just a clear base with glitter, not a "real" polish). I keep hoping they'll bring in something newer; right now I really want Overboard.

Konad Basic Kit
I don't remember who pointed out this kit earlier this week. I've been wanting to try stamping for a while, and this seems like a good way to get started.

Mei Mei’s Signatures SueSa Nail Polish S02 and Gosh Holographic
As seen on Chit Chat Nails/Polish Insomniac. It's silver. It's holo. You know the drill.

Once Upon A Polish

Imperfectly Painted recently reviewed "Scuttle" from Once Upon a Polish's Little Mermaid line. This was my favorite movie as a kid and Prince Eric is still my idea of the ideal man (What? Handsome, brave, rich, likes dogs and music, responsible but spontaneous, fights for what he believes in...I should just stop there). While it's sold out now, you can click through her sold items to see the rest of the collection. I love "Ursula" and "Flotsom and Jetsom."

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