Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspriation Shots

Dang there are some talented ladies out there!

Have you seen the nail art in Katy Perry's Wide Awake video? Most of it is near the end, but the visuals for the whole thing are pretty cool:

Check out this Davy Jones manicure I found on Deviant Art.

Canadian Nail Fanatic made my inner goth squee a bit with this stamped manicure, and for my inner girly girl there's these butterflies from Clothes, Cosmetics, and Chat.

Of course, Nailasaurus had to up the ante with her contribution to this week's Heroes and Villians challenge with her Queen of Hearts theme, and she certainly wasn't kidding with her Perfect Paisley, but I think that Charlotte's Nails kind of trumped us all. Speaking of freehand, did you see this adorable Tucan?

This red and white manicure from Canadian Nail Fanatic is 100% classy. I love the glitter tips and the stamping!

Last, does anyone follow the Cosmo youtube channel? I don't, but I came across this video about nail art this week. They're all pretty basic. And in the world of nail blogging, this is all old news, right? Still, it's kind of cool to see it in the "news."

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