Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspiration Shots

I'm starting to think that I might have to break down and get a Pintrest account to keep track of all of the awesome manicures I keep seeing. Here are a couple that really got me this week:

I love the starfish manicure and accompanying tutorial from Chalkboard Nails. That is so great for summer, and I can't wait to try it out for myself. I also adore her typography manicure. I've only been wanting one for, oh, ever. She used a special solution, however, and a commenter on my last post left a link to a tutorial that uses basic rubbing alcohol instead, so you can bet I'll be trying that one out soon!

Thanks to a link on...I don't remember where, I've started following a French nail blogger, and I just love her one stroke hibiscus. More motivation to work on my French!

Those are the ones that stand out to me this week. I love seeing all of the creative things that people do with nail polish. I have got to improve my skills to catch up with all of you wonderful people!

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