Monday, October 1, 2012


 My weekend manicure was a little bit of a change for me. I decided to use the unnamed pinky-purple Color Zone polish. If you remember, this came from a neon kit I acquired some time ago, and quickly decided I didn't like the neon pink or the clear glitter that came with it, so it was several weeks before I even tried this polish.

 Despite how poorly the bright pink preformed, I really like the way this one came out. Next to the pink, I would have called it purple, but as you can see that isn't really the case. It does have some glitter in it, but mostly it shows up as a texture rather than shine. Still, I love the color and I kept looking at it at work.
I was a little disapointed in this manicure, because I wasn't just test driving the Color Zone, but a Wet n Wild polish I picked up at Giant Eagle (more on that this Friday).

I thought, hey, it's $1.99 Wet n Wild. I like them. And I've been wanting a glow in the dark, Plus, cute tombstone bottle. What could go wrong? 

Turns out, it doesn't work. 

First, I did little patterns with this polish--just a stripe here or there to test it out.


I held it in front of a lamp. I held my hand in front of the window. I didn't use a top coat for fear it would keep the polish from working. 


So I tested the bottle--it glows like a nightlight. I put on a second, all-over coat, thinking that maybe it just didn't get shaken up well enough the first time.

STILL nothing. I literally can't get this polish to glow when I am wearing it. Not even a glimmer.

On the bright side (no pun intended), it goes on clear so it didn't distort the color of my polish, just added shine. Even if it didn't work, I can still see potentially using it for a shine-on-matte stamping mani, though it would be a hundred times more awesome of the shiny parts GLOWED. 


Have you ever had this problem? 

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