Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Finds

I am utterly exhausted, but I wanted to share a few of the items I've picked up over the past few weeks, since I keep forgetting to do this segment.

First, cosmetics:
Back row:
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Fingerlace Gloves," "Zip It," and "Good Genes."  ($3.99/ea, Marshalls)
Front row:
Brash "Blue Dream" and "On Fire." (2 for $5 at Payless on sale)
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers color hairspray "Shrew Blue" ($1.99, Giant Eagle)
Wet n Wild Glow in the dark polish ($1.99, Giant Eagle)
Cover Girl Lip Perfection pencil in color 205 "Smoky Intense." (Target. I don't remember the price, but probably in the $2-3 range.)

I'll probably play around with the Salon Effects and the hairspray this weekend, and you've already seen Blue Dream once or twice as part of various manicures. The lip pencil is a perfect match for my favorite lipstick.

I talked about the glow in the dark polish earlier this week. Just to say I did, I tried again after taking that photo. One of the lights I use is a desklamp with a daylight bulb in it, and it got the bottle glowing really well after only a minute. So I took it into the bathroom, which was dark, twisted off the top, and....nothing. The polish on the brush itself was completely flat. Not a single spark of light in it. Since it was only $1.99 and I don't have the receipt, I just threw it out. I'm super disapointed. I was really looking forward to having glowy nails, and this is the first time Wet n Wild has let me down. It's not even that the polish itself is crap--it goes on really well and stayed on nicely even without a top coat, it didn't have an unsightly yellow greenish tinge to it, it just didn't work.

And now, the shoes:

Left: Etienne Aigner "Jodell" pumps ($34.99, Marshalls)
I needed another pair of basic black pumps, and while these aren't quite basic, they are pretty tame, can be worn with a lot of different things, have a sensible heel, are comfortable, and can do double duty with my steampunk costumes. Normally I would only spend about $20 and get the simplest pair of shoes I could find, but I fell in love with these and they're quality; should last quite a long time. They're the type of shoes I could see getting repaired, rather than replaced.

Right: G by Guess heels, style VABII-M ($29.99, Marshalls)
These are not a sensible heel. They cannot be worn with every outfit, or even most outfits. I can't walk or even stand in them for long periods of time (...yet), but they're just Everyone who has seen these just kind of nodds like, "Oh yes. It's Sophia. Of course she bought those." The photo really doesn't do them justice, but my camera does not like artificial light in the least. They're really quite a bright blue, and not purple-y at all, but even my photo editing software couldn't fully combat the horror that is my camera indoors (the color quality is much better on macro shots, but still not great).

Dubbed "The Wonder Woman Shoes" I am attempting to build a Halloween costume around them (you know, to justify the purchase. Even though this is really the only completely superfluous thing I've bought in ages. Other than maybe nail polish). Too bad I can't wear them to work. I can't imaging walking on them on tile for eight hours.

What did you buy recently, just for the fun of it?

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