Monday, January 7, 2013

I've got the blues.

Being sick for the past week has put a damper on my creativity. The fact that it's a respiratory problem and that the smell of nail polish aggravates it doesn't seem to help. At all. What's a girl to do?

I decided to break out the nail wraps. These are the Sally Hansen Sallon Effects that came out over the summer. I forgot I had them until we were packing to move.

The last time I used these, I had trouble getting them to stick, so I put topcoat on them. They didn't last very long.

This time, I decided to forego topcoat, even though it goes against all of my instincts.

I've still got a couple of spots that didn't stick so well, mainly on my right hand. The biggest problem with my left was that I had an attack of the static clingies as I was applying, and my ring finger and pinky both went on crooked as a result.

Just as before, I was able to get two nails done per strip, since I don't have tallons. I don't know that I'll be using the second packet that came in the kit, however, since I don't care for this pattern. I think the concept of denim nails is cool, but this just looks fake; I don't like the way the pattern was rendered, but I'm also a textile nerd. Just for the record, this pattern is called "Good Jeans."

I've been wearing these since last night, and took pictures this morning.

ETA: I have been to the doc and joy of joy, I have not just bronchitis, but a sinus infection to boot. I guess this means I won't be buying polish for a while. My meds+doctor visit cost almost as much as my rent this month.

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