Friday, January 11, 2013

Copy Cat

It's been trendy in the nail blogging world to do glitter tips, especially for the last couple of weeks. I'm usually not a joiner, but this is one trend I can get behind.

My base color is by Cosmetic Arts and has no name that I can determine on the bottle, and they don't appear to have a website. The color in the bottle is a super dark teal, which I love. Once applied it's somewhere between that and a forest color, so dark that it could easily be mistaken for black in some light.

For the glitter, I used Essie "Set in Stones."

I really like this manicure, but then I love all applications of "Set in Stones." It is mesmerizing. I might do another glitter tip mani next week, using one of my China Glaze glitters. They're more subtle, but the effect might be nice.

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