Friday, November 2, 2012

Costumes Part II

So how did you do on the riddle? Did you figure it out yet?

That's right, I went as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. For the uninitiated, here's the Wikipedia rundown on what are probably the scariest villains in the Who-verse.

Here's my take:
Obviously, I had some issues with the makeup. I'd never used greasepaint before, and had a horrible time with it (I guess it's supposed to go on over foundation and powder? Anyway, I could tell just from the patch test that it would have made be break out something awful, so I decided to skip it). In the end, I scraped some grey eyeshadow into a dish and mixed it with my moisturizer. Up close it worked pretty well, but the coverage was uneven. From far away, however, it's barely noticeable. It was more of a tint than actual face paint. Once the moisturizer had dried a bit, I took a powder brush and did a second coat of the dry eyeshadow to help even things out.

The outfit is a combination of things. I wore grey leggins and a grey long sleeve shirt (both storebought). The chiton (that would be the Greek-style dress) is some grey suiting material I bout at Joanns. I sewed little X's at the shoulder to hold them in place, but other than that it was stitch-free. The belt is five strands of grey yarn slip knotted together to make a cord.

I did use silver hairspray to color my hair--liberally. I had to wash it twice to get it all out--but it's rather difficult to get full coverage on the back of your own head, and my pony tail wasn't really having it. 

In the back of the chiton I took pinking shears and cut a slit for the wings. The wings are sewn, with the feathers done on a regular sewing machine. They're filled with quilt batting and have some 20 gauge jewelry wire running through the tops to hold their shape. In the end, I took some small safety pins and pinned the tops to my shoulders to keep them from flopping around. Since I wore this costume to work, I didn't want big giant wings or pieces that would flop around a lot. 

The wings are tied on  seperately, under the chiton. From the center of the wings there are four more of the slip-knot cords, which I tied in an X formation in front. Since the chiton is open on one side, this was pretty easy to do. I just had to pull back the front, tie the cords in place, then drop the front and arange the open side so I wouldn't flash anyone too much thigh and tie on the belt. While I'm reasonably confident that it would have stayed shut on it's own, I did add two more small safety pins there, just to be safe. Which is good since at one point my outfit caught on a rack and would have torn completely open otherwise. 

I did do my nails for this costume, but they're not all that interesting. Just grey, and then they read "Don't Blink" with one character on each nail and a TARDIS on my left thumb. For the life of me, I could not get a good photo or even a decent one that showed the nail art. I was too pressed for time. 

I leave you with a clip from the episode, which features MY doctor. Because no subsequent Doctor can ever really replace your first Doctor: 

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